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  • 1, IC, LED, infrared receiver, M206, TO-263, TO-251, TO-252, TO-92, TO-126, TO-220, TO-220F, TO-215, TO-3P And SOT series, SOP series package molds
  • Second, the cutting, cutting, forming die and system of semiconductor components in the above category
  • Three, automatic laminating machine matched with packaging mold, automatic de-flushing machine before product plating, automatic de-gluing machine after packaging, automatic sorting machine after finished product.
  • Fourth, in the diode industry of the Japanese scale, developed a series of molding dies, equipment, tooling
  • V. Various molding and testing equipment in the mobile phone industry and battery industry
  • VI. In the photovoltaic industry supported by the state, the solar cell automatic cross-welding machine, testing machine, frame machine, laminating machine and automatic feeding line equipment have been newly developed.
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Products vary, in a variety of ways, custom designs

  • Small string welder

  • Automatic string welder

  • High speed battery string welding machine

Factory customization


Customized on demand, quality will be higher and cost will be more efficient

  • Cutting small piece / full piece battery string welding machine HHXE-CH1300-ZQG

    Cutting small piece / full piece battery string welding machine HHXE-CH1300-ZQG

    The following products can be soldered: 19mm~125mmx125mm 19mm~156mmx156mm Can be double row 19mm~78mmx78mm...

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  • Small/full-size image & layout stringer HHXE-CH1300-XPQGYP

    Small/full-size image & layout stringer HHXE-CH1300-XPQGYP

    Can solder 2~6 grid line cells, each board can be laid 2~6 string battery strings, string length 484mm~1900mm...

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  • Double track / CCD image positioning stringer HHXE-CH2600-XPQG

    Double track / CCD image positioning stringer HHXE-CH2600-XPQG

    Ensure the accuracy of the main grid and ribbon Detectable chip corner and gate line defects...

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  • Cutting small piece battery string welding machine HHXE-CH3000-XPQG

    Cutting small piece battery string welding machine HHXE-CH3000-XPQG

    The following products can be soldered:
    52mmX10mm~39mm 62.5mmX10mm~39mm 78mmX10mm~39mm 104mmX10mm~39mm 125mmX10mm~39mm 156mmX10mm~39mm...

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8 major reasons for fragmentation, whitening, slow speed, and wasted material


PK industry market, starting from the convenience, practicality, efficiency and superiority of customers

Head and tailband

Stringless shearing mechanism

1. The need to pull the robot, the welding tape needs a certain reserved length, and the welding tape is wasted.

2. At the time of confluence, the work of shearing the strip is also needed, which wastes manpower.

3. There is one more belt action for each string, so the production capacity is reduced.

String cutting mechanism

1. The head and tail straps can be set according to the needs of the confluence, which saves the unnecessary strips at the head and tail of each string.

2, and the head and tail between the string and the string are shared, the time of the separate tail tape is omitted, because when the tail tape is pressed, the film release action cannot be performed, and after the series, only the string splitting is required to separate the head. Tail belt.

Welding tape forming

Single mold structure

Impact on customers:
1. Long supply time, low productivity
2, only one pair of molds to complete the bending and lengthening
3. For each welding strip of a piece of battery, the pulling belt robot needs to pull the welding strip to complete the bending, and then pull the welding strip after a length of cutting.

Double mold staggered position while working

For each welding strip of a piece of battery, the pulling robot only needs to pull the welding strip to the cutting position at one time, and complete the bending and lengthening.


In-line in-line cartridge

The three cartridges are switched in sequence. When there is no material, an empty cartridge must be removed, and a new cartridge is newly added. That is, if one cartridge can only represent one material, only three materials can be placed.

Four-box combination, turret feeding

Impact to customers: 1. Because it can take 2 pieces of material at the same time, it can weld double rows, double the production capacity 2. Component products, each unit can have more than 4 kinds of arrangement.

Welding torch

Peel welding

Impact on customers: 1. No light blocking, uniform heating and short welding time, so high efficiency and low fragmentation rate

2. Good elasticity and high pressure, welding is not welding

Elastic pressure net

Servo motor control, fast response, high precision, computer controlled fan; elastic pressure net
Impact on customers:
1. No light blocking, uniform heating and short welding time, so high efficiency and low fragmentation rate
2. Good elasticity and high pressure, welding is not welding

Gate pressure belt

One cylinder corresponds to one welding strip

Resulting in different grid lines, the position of the ribbon is different, the position of the cylinder to be moved

Press belt cylinder universal free adjustment

Compatible with 2-6 line position, the pressing device is floating, so the 2-6 wire is free of position.

Supply belt

5 rounds of welding tape

Installed 5 turns of welding tape, and the bending radius is not large enough, causing the ribbon to curl seriously

Standard can hold 6 loops

1, can weld 6 grid, can also weld double row 6 grid width 78mm cutting piece, and the transition radius of each transition wheel is large, the curl is not serious
2, the impact on the customer: 1. Welding double row becomes possible, increased production capacity 2. Can weld 6 grid.

Flux treatment

Peer-heated plate drying or natural drying without equipment

1. There is heating plate heating at the bottom, because the welding belt is fast, the heat of the heating plate is not enough to dry in a short time.
2, the upper welding, there is no dry measure, after the flux, the belt is carried over the overflow

Welding tape air drying device

Impact on customers: The solder ribbon can be dried in a short time, the flux does not overflow, and the mechanical parts are protected from corrosion.


Peeling robot

Complex operation, low efficiency, uneven solder ribbon, and large loss to the machine

Universal free pull strap with claws

Impact on customers: 1. Simple operation, high efficiency 2. Flat welding tape, no damage to the battery when the components are laminated

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